Botox frons



Fronsrimples Botox

The frons is most popular botox treatment. A frown arises because the muscles between your eyebrows contract. During the treatment, the front wrinkle is injected with botulinum toxin. This relaxes the muscles and makes the frown lines softer, smoother and therefore less visible. If the frown wrinkle does not disappear, a filler can be injected into the wrinkle after 2 weeks to soften it even more.

Prijs en merk

€89 met A-merk Bocouture

Merken: Bij De Gezichtskliniek gebruiken we Bocouture. The same a-brand you'll find at far more expensive clinics.


4-5 maanden

Unlike fillers the results of Botox take time to develop.  After 2 weeks you will see the results.  This can last up to 6 months before the botox works its way out of the body.



Because of the vey thin needles, anesthesa is not necessary and the treatment feels like a few pinches.


Extreamly safe

Complications are very rare and we ill discuss all risk with you during your appointment. Side effects include:


Do's and Dont's

During the first week post-treatment, do not visit the sauna or tanning salon, and avoid direct contact with sunlight. We advise you not to undergo any procedure at a beautician’s during the first two weeks after your procedure. Do not apply any make-up during the first couple of hours post-treatment.


Limited swelling and bruising

Since your Botox will develop over 2 weeks there are no immediate results. You can do botox on your lunch break.