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Lemon Bottle is the industry's fastest and strongest fat dissolver.  It is a safe, effective and minimally painful option to eliminate stubborn fat in certain areas of their body such as the under chin, arms or stomach.


Lemon Bottle at De Gezichtskliniek

Lemon Bottle directly targets the stubborn collection of fat cells, destroying them permanently. The broken down cells are then eliminated naturally through the lymphatic system.

After your consultation your doctor will make a number of injections of the solution to the target area.  The treatment itself only takes 5-10 minutes. You may experience mild swelling or bruising directly afterwards.  Results may be noticeable after 24 hours and improve for 3 weeks but a course of 3-5 sessions is advised for optimal results.

Results visible

Number of Treatments


Treated by

1-21 days

1-5 (2 weeks in between)

1 day

Cosmetic Doctor

Lemon Bottle Treatment FAQ

How does Lemon Bottle work?

Lemon Bottle is a revolutionary injectable compound that sets itself apart in the Lipolysis Market. The unique formula combines powerful ingredients to destroy fat cells and promote efficient excretion from the body.

What are the ingredients in Lemon Bottle?

Riboflavin (Vitamin B2) - Induces activation of fat metabolism

Bromelain (Pineapple) - Helps to break down fat and remove inflammation

Lecithin (Derived from vegetables) - Destroys and transports unnecessary fat cells

When can I expect the result?

While results are not guaranteed many patients can start seeing results within 24 hours.   While many patients will see a result after one session up to 4 treatments can be taken to improve the result.

What is the optimal treatment course?

3-5 treatments, every 7 days apart, to deliver optimal results, the best results are often seen between 21-45 days.

Which areas can be treated with Lemon Bottle?

The most common indications for lemon bottle are under chin, jawline, upper arms, stomach, back and inner thighs.

Instructies voor nazorg

Drink na de behandeling minimaal 2 liter water per dag tot 2 weken.

Vermijd: 6 uur aanraken van de plek, spraytans, zonnen, alcohol, zwemmen en sauna gedurende 3 dagen

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