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Lip fillers are becoming increasingly popular as a way to create youthful and fuller lips.  De Gezichtskliniek is specialized in 'the natural look', keyhole, flat lips and the Russian Method. We exclusively use one of the best filler brands, Stylage .

Lip Fillers at De Gezichtskliniek

from €126

Hyaluronic acid fillers help to give extra volume in minutes.  Lip fillers are very safe and serious complications arising from a treatment carried out by an experienced doctor are extremely rare.  Thanks to a combination of highly-effective topical anaesthetic and the anaesthetic in the filler the treatment is not painful. 


Prior to your treatment you can always discuss your wishes with your cosmetic doctor and together agree on a treatment plan for your lips.​  The effect of a first lip treatment is subtle. The first ML usually remains visible for 6 months. The effect of the next lip treatment can be visible for 9 months.  

At De Gezichtkliniek Utrecht we work exclusively with A-quality brands such as Stylage.

Filler Brand



Strong topical cream and in the filler


Natural, flat or Russian Method


2 weeks

Lasts For

up to 9 months


What will be injected into my lips?

During a lip filler treatment, hyaluronic acid filler is injected into the lips. This filler is very similar to the hyaluronic acid that also occurs in your own body. At DeGezichtskliniek we use the best fillers such as Stylage and Teosyal.

Can I specify how I want my lips?

With each treatment, we look together with you and one of our doctors at what your wishes are and what will suit you best. You can indicate whether you want the  Natural look, Flat lips or perhaps the Russian method where the lip edges are accentuated and curled and the lips look flatter and higher. You can also touch up any inequalities and adjust the ratio between the lower and upper lip.

What method is used in the treatment?

You can choose the effect you want to achieve with your lip filler treatment. The Natural Look where the most natural possible lip enlargement is achieved. You can also opt for the Russian Method inwhich the lip edges are accentuated, curled and pulled up (tenting). 

Is a lip filler treatment painful?

The filler is injected into the lips with a very thin needle to minimize pain. A strong anesthetic cream is also applied for the treatment and there is also an anesthetic in the filler.

Will I get swelling of my lips and how long will this last?

The needle pricks will make your lips swell immediately during and after the treatment. This swelling will often be much less after a few days. After 2 weeks all swelling is gone. It is important to know that you will see the end result of your filler after 2 weeks when all the swelling has gone.

Will I get bruises?

A very thin needle is used for the lip filler treatment to avoid bruising as much as possible. Sometimes it happens that you get a bruise. This usually disappears after 1 week.

How much do I need?

How much filler you need varies per person. On average, 1 ml will give a naturally subtle lip filler for the majority of people. For a more pronounced result, 1.5 ml is used.

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