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The results of a facelift without surgery are possible with fillers.  As we age, volume loss causes the face to hang.  This can be counter-acted by adding volume to 5 areas of the face: the cheekbones, tear troughs, nasolabial folds, mouth corner and the jawline.

Liquid Facelift.png

Liquid Facelift at De Gezichtskliniek

Your appointment starts with a facial analysis consult together with your doctor where you can discuss and decide on a treatment plan which suits your wishes and budget.

After your consultation your your doctor will start the treatment. The filler is injected with a cannula (very thin needle) so that you feel as little pain as possible.  The filler also contains a strong anesthetic and you can ask your practitioner for topical anesthetic as well.


The treatment only takes 20 minutes. The injections can cause some swelling and bruising which will subside after a few days and will disappear completely after 2 weeks.

Brands fillers

Stylage and Teosyal

Lasts for

12 months


Lidocaine in the filler


Some swelling disappeared after 2 weeks

Visible result


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