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Deep tear troughs or bags can exist naturally or increase with age due to loss of volume. The tear trough can be filled with filler for a rested and fresh look. De Gezichtskliniek only works with the top brand on the market, Teosyal .

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Tear Trough Filler


Sunken tear troughs or bags under the eyes can give you a tired appearance. With fillers, the tear trough can be filled and puffiness can be eliminated for a fresher and more rested appearance. The filler is injected under your eyes with a cannula (hollow blunt needle), so that you feel as little pain as possible and you prevent bruising.


The treatment only takes 5 - 15 minutes. After 2 weeks you will see the final result. We only offer with the highest quality filler on the market, TEOSYAL, for the tear trough treatment.

Brand filler


Lasts for

9 - 12 months


Lidocaine in the filler


Some swelling disappearing after 2 weeks

Visible result


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