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ULTRAsafe fillers is the safest way to place your fillers.  We can also identify if you have an increased risk of rare complications with our pre-treatment ultrasound mapping. We uniquely offer this service by a Radioligist and cosmetic doctor.

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ULTRAsafe bij DeGezichtskliniek

Safety is paramount at DeGezichtskliniek which is why we have developed our ULTRAsafe ultrasound for fillers to give our customers absolute peace of mind. 


With ULTRAsafe we can analyse facial blood vessels pre and post filler treatments. With this we can minimize the chance of a vascular occlusion complication. Uniquely at DeGezichtskliniek all ultrasound examinations are done by a certified radiologist.

Ultrasafe is available for all filler treatments in location Amsterdam. Our pre and post ULTRAsafe filler analysis can be added to a treatment for €100.  Have you been treated at another clinic and worried about a vascular occlusion? You are more than welcome to contact us for consultation.

What is ULTRAsafe?


Pre-treatment facial mapping analysis


Risk analysis and treatment planning by Radiologist


Direct post-treatment filler placement check

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