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Accentuated cheekbones is often associated with beauty. Cheekbone fillers are can create cheekbones or restore volume loss which ofter results in a lifting of the whole lower face and is a key treatment offered in our liquid facelift packages.

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Cheekbone fillers at
De Gezichtskliniek

A cheekbone filler treatment looks great on most faces either to restore volume loss or to create beautiful cheekbones.  We use a minimum of 1ml and an average of 2-3 mls.  You will decide together with the doctor how much is suitable for your face.

The filler is injected into your cheek with a canula so that you feel as little pain as possible.  The filler also contains a strong anesthetic and you can ask your practitioner for topical anesthetic as well.


The treatment itself only takes 5 - 15 minutes. The injections can cause some swelling and bruising which will subside after 2 weeks. You may feel that if feels bulky but this will subside and after 2 weeks you will see the final result. The result can remain visible for 9-12 months. 

Brand fillers


Lasts for

9-12 months


Lidocaine in the filler


Some swelling gone in 2 weeks

Result visible


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